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Celebrations and rituals that enrich our lives

Rings are treasured in many cultures as a symbol of commitment and love. I’ve had the privilege of making some of the ring that many wear daily, as a reminder of their love and commitment. The wedding rings my wife and I wear were my first welding a single meteorite into two bands with gold.

There are many options for couples looking for that unique engagement ring and wedding set. For many, a walk into a department or jewelry store is enough. But there are those who want something more significant, a one-of-a-kind creation that mirrors their bond, a set of rings that reminds them of their commitment  for years to come.

There have been many memorable stories behind the creating of rings for friends and family, and some customers who ended up being friends.  Here, I will share some of those stories behind the rings and other jewelry I have made over the decades.


Jerusalem symbolism interwoven

Platinum and 18k gold engagementset ring set. Stylized version of the ionic towers, a fertily symbol.
Platinum and 18k gold engagement ring set I made Art History professor who wanted Judaean fertility symbols from temples in Jerusalem carrid over to his rings.

This was one of the sets that I had a lot of fun creating, it was for  my Art History teacher, who was Jewish.

He looked me up after I graduated from college and he had returned from a trip to Jerusalem that made a strong impact on his life. During his visit, many things stood out for him, one of them was the architectural structures of the ancient temples. He talked about the top of the Ionic columns on temples that had the fertility symbol which looks like a double cornucopia and is also know as the “horn of plenty,”  and he wanted to carry these into his wedding set. He brought back a Judaean coin, which served as basis for the those shapes that I carried over in the overall design of the rings.

He also wanted to reuse diamonds from pieces of jewelry that had strong significance for him. The majority of the diamonds went into her ring, but there was one diamond left which I put at the center of the Star of David on his ring to unify their set.

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